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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Welcom Aboard Support

This post provides a comment link for the front Welcome Aboard post.



Anonymous said...

This is a test of adding a comment by clicking the comment link on the front Welcome Aboard.

Nelson said...

Hello Tom,
I wonder if you could give me a litle tip concerning a problem I am having on my blog´s sidebar:
As I am using a fine RockYou slideshow and took off some of its elements, I want to have their logo on my sidebar.
I am using an Image element for that but I can´t align it on center. I have tried all I know about html with no results. All I could get was centering everything on the sidebar.
I have tried your tip using a HTML element, but it does not have a 'add image' on it.
Thank you
Rio de Janeiro

Tom said...

Html elements don't have a button to add images. The way you do it is to upload the image someplace and copy the code directly into the Html element.

For example, if you upload it to a post, switch to Edit Html and copy the code, either just the image code <img src="..." />, or the full code with the link wrapper. Then, you paste that into the Html element. You can save the post as draft if you want to keep a copy of the image code, or delete it and select keep the image.

You can also source the image code from Photobucket, or where ever else you can upload.

To center the image you convert it from an imline element to a block element in the style or stylesheet, then use auto right-left margins. I changed the bottom sidebar image to this configuration using a stylesheet entry.

You can also do it at the image with "style='display:block; margin:o auto;' ".

If you need further help give me the blog address and tell me where the one you are doing is.

Remember, if you add text, you'll need to put the line breaks <br /> in yourself.

I haven't been to Rio de Janeiro since early 2002 when I was visiting the Navy Skyhawks at the base up the coast.

Anonymous said...

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