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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Covered" Picture 1

My first test is to insert a picture with a transparent cover over it. In HTML there are a couple of ways of doing that and I will see if they work here.

A cover can provide a couple of advantages. First, for the non-web savy viewer, it can prevent them from downloading the picture. Additionally, it can provide the ability to add variable text to the same picture.

This is the first try and I will put the picture in twice. The first is just covered. The picture name is Tomc.jpg and the cover is cover.gif.

What may not be apparent is it is a one-row, one-column table with the main picture as the background and the transparent cover as the "img" in the cell.

If you right click on the picture and view or save as... you will find you have some air. And it illustrates an important thing - the table, background, and image have to be the same size or you will be able to click and view/save the background image.

The second image is the same except the transparacy has some text added. Also, the table and picture are tagged to provide different picture sizes.



Tom Debski said...

This test worked to some degree. Notice, the first picture is not completely covered by cover.gif. The second is well covered.

There is too much white space above the pictures - something to work on.

I will try to keep the current version in Covered 1.

spavel said...

Ok, when I view and save the source code there are a bunch of </ br>s in the table structure, but when I edit the post they are not there. So, Blogger is inserting them as part of publishing.

spavel said...

I think I have the auto convert on on this blog and that may be causing the extra spacing. Since I like to format posts myself, I will turn it off shortly and see what happens.

spavel said...

So I turned the auto convert off and the alignment is much better.

So both of these methods provide pretty good results.