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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Spavel Has Arrived 2

My good friend Tom has asked me to contribute to this blog. The idea was to be able to test by-author backgrounds. This could be a useful feature, but the background colors need to be carefully selected — otherwise the posts will look like this.

The trick was to change the existing post wrapper <div> from:
<div class='post-body'>

<div class='post-body'>
<div expr:class=''>


To make this post work, each paragraph (<p>) and new line (<br />) had to be wrapped in a span with the background, otherwise the entire area had the background rather than just the text. And, I decided to put a <style> section within the post to contain the formatting information. I did that because line-height had to be adjusted and I didn't want formatting of this post to affect the rest of the blog. If you are interested in those details, just check the page source code.

This post supports spavel's reply in the 10/6/07 BHG query Add background color to post text.

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