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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Font Style Test

I am starting this with the default font and right there changed it to the font I added. Now I am back.

I used <span class="font2"> to make that happen. I started with Times and since I defined it with a variable, I went into Fonts & Colors and changed Font2 to Veranda italics and it changed.

So here's the template change.

To the variable section add:
 <Variable name="bodyfont2" description="Font2"
 type="font"  default="normal normal 100% serif">

To the stylesheet in the post area add:
 .font2 {
  font: $bodyfont2;

Font2 will appear on the Fonts & Colors menu and when you change it all occurances in the blog where the span is employed will change. The font can be changed by hand to get a font not on the menu.


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