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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Animated Gif

Here's an animated gif linked on my web site. I did not get this from nitecruzr'sThe Real Blogger Status as that one is not animating.Blogger hosted - probably broken again

Now this is the same gif uploaded to Blogger. Let's see if it still works. (Sometimes the second picture disappears from Blogger.)

So doing a little more research, nitecruzr's version is not animated, i.e., it's single layer. Here's the info window from The Gimp.

Now here's the info from the one I grabbed on the Internet. Notice the RGB Color in nitecruzr's vs. the Indexed Color in the web version and 1 layers vs. 10 layers.
Since nitecruzr's does not have the animation layers I don't think it will recover and become animated at a later date.

Now, I've saved the second gif, which was animated when I uploaded it, to my computer and it is no longer animated, i.e., once Blogger handles it, it becomes just a picture.

Studying this a little further, I used a hex editor to check the file type that is at the beginning of the files. The animated gif that works has hex: 47 49 46 38 39 61 which is GIF89a. Once the file is uploaded to Blogger it stops animating and the type is hex: 98 50 4E 47 which is .PNG. Conclusion: the uploading causes the file to be changed.

So, at least animated, and maybe all gifs want to be loaded on another host.



spavel said...

Just adding a litttle info. This loss of image information may explain why when I upload a transparency to Blogger it is not transparent. That is even though when I upload and link the same image on my web site, it works as I expect.


Layla said...

I have the same problem. Animated gifs are not animated anymore and gifs with a transparent background are not transparent anymore. Have you reported this problem to blogger already? Because I think we should since last week everything was working fine. I was able to upload images with a transparent background and to upload animated gifs without any problems.

spavel said...

I haven't - I suppose I'm not adequately affected to take action. The problem is not getting them into the post successfully, as I have both, the problem is when the gifs are uploaded to Blogger (picassaweb) they are converted to a different format.

I mostly use the animated/transparent when testing and I do have a web site I can host the images on when needed.