Make a selection from the drop-down list.

Make a selection from the second drop-down list.

The second drop-down was made to work by changing the 'form name="jump" ' to "left" and the change was also made "location=". Interestingly, the second "jump" inside the [] was not changed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Adding Open Window Check Box

Here's a new day. Sparerep blog.

This was part of the test of the link box. There are two boxes because the two references I was looking at are coded a little differently, so I put both in.

Incidently, it is a seperate page element and not part of this post.


spavel said...

I played with this as a result of the help group question.

The question pointed to and The code to do the box is slightly different in the two links, so I tested both. Since the check box in the atrios blog looks a little neater that's what I would use.

Both the javascript and the check box code were put in an HTML/javascript element, that's the only way it would work for me.

Since the code has credits, I'll post it here.

1. Customize the template and "Add a Page Element".
2. Select HTML/JavaScript.
3. In the content area add:
<script language="JavaScript"><!--
// thanks to for this code
function targetLinks(boNew) {
if (boNew)
where = "_blank";
where = "_self";
for (var i=0; i<=(document.links.length-1); i++) {
document.links[i].target = where;
// -->

<form><input name="targetnew" onclick="targetLinks(this.checked)" type="checkbox"/> check to have links open new windows</form>

4. Leave the Title box blank.
5. Save Changes.
6. Position the new element.
7. Save and test.

Note: If you block copy the code you may have to replace the code for < and > with the real things.


spavel said...

I have removed the check box that I didn't like, so now the code looks like the 5/17 2:09 comment.